Polyester gelcoat


Packaging 25 kg steel drum
Consistency paste

Concentrate sample inquiry

We can prepare a concentrate according to your unique specifications. Please leave your request or fill in the Technical Task with more details about your material, application, and required properties.

Technical Task

Tell us how and what properties you wish to improve in your product, including specifications with exact requirements and an explanation of the volume of material that requires processing.

Material for your product

Indicate the type of material for which you want to change the properties (eg resins - epoxy - MMA - FF, etc., polymers - PU - PP - PC - PVC, etc., rubbers, paints, varnishes, silicones, gypsum,…)
Specify the property of the material you wish to change (eg electrical conductivity, electromagnetic properties, thermal conductivity, expansion, toughness, strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance,…)
Enter the current value of the property you want to change and its unit
Specify the desired value of the property you want to change and its unit
Indicate the estimated annual consumption of modified material

Adjusting the proposed modification

We create a modification plan to achieve the properties you require. If you agree to the plan, we can then start to prepare the solution.

Sample preparation

You may also request a laboratory or industrial sample be provided for evaluation.

Production and delivery

A cost-effective solution for your product is delivered. Further support on implementing the material into any existing system is also provided.

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